what are apollo greek god's responsibilties

What was the greek god Apollo's responsibilities
Harness his chariot of four horses and drive the sun across the sky. Ancient Greeks believed the sun was one of the wheels of Apollo's chariot. First answer by .

What were Artemis' responsibilities
The gods Artemis and Apollo were both said to spread sicknesses; Apollo targeting the men and . What were the Greek goddess Artemis's responsibilities ?

Greek Mythology- List of Greek Gods and Goddesses in Ancient ...
List of the Olympian gods and goddesses in ancient Greece. . and were many times at fault, but were then obliged to take the full responsibility of their actions. . of Aphrodite aphrodite English pronunciation of Aphrodite, Greek God Apollo .

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Apollo - Who Is the Greek God Apollo
Apollo was a Greek god of prophecy, the arts, especially music, healing, and later , the sun. Learn more about this very popular Greek and Roman god, his .

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Greek Gods
Who were considered gods to the Ancient Greeks and what were their stories? . They each had different personalities and responsibilities. The Ancient . Apollo is the god of prophecy, music, artistic inspiration, archers and healing. Apollo is .

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Concordence:Greek Gods
Jul 5, 2001 . Greek Gods by Function . God Name(s), Responsibility . Apollo,Apollon, Youthful masculinity, prophecy, music, medicine and hunting .

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Greek Mythology Gods: Legends of the Greek God Apollo | Art of ...
Oct 30, 2011 . Greek Mythology Gods: Legends of the Greek God Apollo . He took responsibilities of a god and performed godly actions since childhood.

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Hermes: Greek God of The Roads
as the Roman god Mercury. Hermes, Greek God of The Road. The Greek God Hermes was favored with many divine responsibilities, chief of which was to serve .

Greek God Hermes
Information about the Greek God Hermes. . Greek God Apollo . Hermes had a lot of jobs and responsibilities as he was the patron god for many Greeks in a .

Apollo Greek God
Greek God Apollo - Slaying of the Python. Greek god Apollo is the son of Zeus and Leto. Apollo was four days old when he demanded a bow and arrows.

Greek Mythology Gods: Legends of the Greek God Apollo
Aug 3, 2009 . And this is one of the, about the Greek god Apollo. . He went on to Delphi after 4 days of birth assuming god responsibilities to take revenge.

Greek God Apollo's Duties | eHow.com
Greek God Apollo's Duties. Immortality is rife with responsibility. A day in the life of Apollo is no exception. Famed for his exceptional beauty and the Platonic .

UNCG Classics - Roman Gods
Apollo. Greek name: Apollo. Responsibilities: Medicine, sun, archery. Apollo was. - the only Roman god who was essentially identical to his Greek counterpart .

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Apollo in Greek Mythology | Mythography
Home | Greek Gods | Olympians | Apollo Apollo is in many respects the paradigm of . time he was an adult capable of assuming the full responsibilities of a god.

Sun-god Apollon - Astrodienst
In this article, Liz Greene sets her gaze on the Sun and the solar god Apollo. . and role of the Greek Sun-god Apollo (we have dropped the final "n" from the . such a chart balance, born into a family which emphasises responsibility to others, .

Facts about Apollo, the Greek god of the sun - by iakul - Helium
Feb 27, 2009 . During the time of the Greeks, people believed that Earth was the centre of the universe . Apollo was the son of the ruler of the Greek gods, Zeus and Leto, the . The different kinds of vampires · The definition of responsibility .

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The Life and Times of Hercules
Stories about the gods, called myths, were made up thousands of years ago. . Apollo had many divine responsibilities. . Finally, Apollo was a god of prophecy: the Greeks believed that Apollo knew what would happen in the future, and that .

Apollo Questions including "Who are the kids of Apollo the Greek god"
wrote the first answer to How do you write myths about Apollo Greek god 1 Apr 2012 23:32 . What was the greek god Apollo's responsibilities? Harness his .

Zeus Greek God of the Universe
Greek God Zeus is depicted in many stories in Greek Mythology as the Supreme Ruler of the universe, an all-knowing . But with this power also came many responsibilities: . Leto - Mother of Apollo and Artemis; Semele - Mother of Dionysus.

Oedipus Rex Text - Glossary
Gods and goddesses Greek religion was polytheistic; the Greeks worshipped many gods. . The most important god for the Oedipus Rex is Apollo, whose oracle at . a sacred position with special rights, responsibilities, and visual symbols.

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